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Simone Kriglstein

Hi, I am an academic researcher in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Visualization, focusing on design and evaluation. I studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and my thesis dealt with “Visual Perception and Interface Design”. I received my doctoral degree from the University of Vienna and my doctoral thesis concerned an approach to the development process for ontology visualizations aided by human-centered design. I have worked on several projects at the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna. In addition to my academic career, I have worked as Usability Engineer Consultant/User Interface Designer for several companies.

Resourceful and proactive, I specialize in designing and evaluating user interfaces and interaction methods in different fields, e.g. visualizations and games, to provide utility and user-friendly design concepts. My work has been published in international journals as well as conference and workshop proceedings, e.g. ACM SIGCHI.

Research Interests: Interface and Interaction Design, Usability, Information Visualization, and Games

Current Position: Project Assistant at the Vienna University of Vienna, HCI group

Publications: Full list of publications (ResearchGate)

  • CVAST: The Centre of Visual Analytics Science and Technology (CVAST) is one of the Laura Bassi Centres of Excellence. The goals of CVAST are twofold. The first goal is the integration of the outstanding capabilities of humans in terms of visual information exploration with the enormous processing power of computers to form a powerful knowledge discovery environment. The second goal is to scientifically assess the usability and utility of such discovery environments while bridging the gap between theory and practice for selected application scenarios.To achieve these goals we cooperate with several partners from industry.
  • Viz4PAIS: The Viz4PAIS (Visualization Techniques for Process-Aware Information Systems) project aims (a) to develop and design user centered visualization approaches and (b) to create a community to unify and nurture the development of process visualization topics as a continuing research area.
  • OCIS: Organizational Change in Information Systems - My focus was on the design and evaluation of a visulization approacht for the representation of relationships of roles and groups within an organization.
  • Knoocks: My dissertation project-It is about a visualization tool (Knoocks - Knowledge Blocks) for OWL Lite ontologies.
  • Homie: CHI 2005, Student Design Competion - Designing an artificial companion (a dog called “Homie”) for elderly people.
Game Projects:
  • PlayTheNet: Game design and evaluation of a game for young children to learn about important aspects of the Internet (e.g., What is an email? What is a computer virus?).
  • DOGeometry: Designing a game for children to learn basic geometric transformations like translation, rotation and reflection (SIGGRAPH 2010 - Disney Learning Challenge finalist with the game).
  • Crazy Furry Animals: Graphical design, modeling (in Maya) und sound design for a 3D game (Second place at the German Game Developer Awards 2006: category Newcomer Award).
  • Bug Tuttles Geisterschloss: Graphical design of different textures for models for Tiscmedia.
  • Speckled Action: A 3D game for the "Computer Graphics 2/3" course at the University of Vienna.


CHI 2014: Showcase

CHI 2012: Showcase


Knoocks - Version 4

Knoocks - Version 3

Knoocks - Version 3 - Searching Demo

Mr. Snowman: A short animation, which was developed in MAYA